1. Excited to see all the people funneling in for Creative Morning Nashville! @nashville_cm @creativemorning

  2. Finally starting to wrap some presents! I’m so excited to be able to give back to the people I love. Thanks to Monkey Ink Design for the great wrapping paper - @drewbinkley & @aliciawaters

  3. Bite size Andes mint chocolate chip cookies

  4. Doodle goat.

  5. Getting ready for grocery time

  6. Quick grocery run!

  7. Drawing hair do’s while listening to @stevecreates play music.

  8. imfromthefutura:

    go h.a.m.

  9. Another great idea from Isle of Printing.

  10. juxtapozmag:

    Dieter Rams: Ten Principles for good design

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  11. worclip:

    FireFly Tricycle by GeoSpace Studio

    The FireFly by GeoSpace is an all weather, self-illuminated, human powered vehicle. The FireFly shell connects to the front boom of a recumbent trike to create a cycling experience that provides a high level of visibility and protection for any kind of weather, especially dark, cold, or wet environments.

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  14. My Woosa packaging received a Silver Student Addy award. Woohoo x2!

  15. My Step Right Up website design won a Gold Student Addy. Woohoo!

    Couldn’t have done it without Rex Runyeon’s brilliant mind coming up with the concept of the whole show or Sarah Abell’s fancy parallax and form skills.

    Go Team!